A.C. Cooper (Red Zatswan)

A man who is pleasant yet unsatisfied with his place in life, living in the Southern California city of Helen’s Glenn where he attends college. A.C. is troubled because he could have earned his degree years ago had he matriculated his courses better and improved his academic performance. He maintains an amiable and optimistic disposition around others, however, choosing to keep his dilemmas to himself, and not allowing them to consume him. A whole new world of possibility is opened to A.C. Cooper when he is offered a tesseract; a 4th dimensional object granting its user tremendous powers and access to other realities.

A.C. Cooper is at a crossroads in life, where he can choose to keep trying to make his current situation work, or surrender himself to an outrageous adventure by becoming Zatswan, a mighty cosmic warrior who keeps peace throughout various parallel universes.


Allecka Xona

The graceful, warmhearted, thoughtful heiress to the Kirahllia Conclave, a mighty society governing entire universes that worships Expulzar as a deity, and that is wholly opposed to the Zatswan. She wears a pendant of arkelite, a rare mineral supposedly older than time. Somehow, she is able to manipulate the elements of the multiverse through the charm.

Her mother, Empress Azalea Xona, uses Allecka’s unusual power toward the furtherance of the Conclave’s agendas. Allecka finds herself more and more at odds with the Conclave’s methods, but is afraid to voice her feelings. Her crisis of faith often leaves her unsure of what to do or think.


Marlene Ja Lee (Pink Zatswan)

A young woman attending college in Helen’s Glenn, California. She enjoys drawing and has a social media channel where she posts art tutorials and speed paint videos. Marlene has a strained relationship with her father who believes her hobbies, which are very important to her, are a waste of time better spent on what he sees as more practical endeavors.

Frustrated, Marlene contemplates joining the Zatswan when a tesseract comes to her, offering the prospect of amazing powers if she chooses to become a multiversal peacekeeper in the service of the cosmic being known as Zorb.


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