Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian is a science fantasy adventure featuring fantastic settings, larger than life threats, affecting characters, and cosmic romance. While living an ordinary yet unfulfilling life in Southern California, A.C. Cooper’s world is turned upside down when he is offered a tesseract; a strange object from the fourth dimension that grants amazing powers. A.C. and a young woman he just met, Marlene Ja Lee, are inducted into an organization of cosmic peace keepers called the Zatswan. Utilizing the power of tesseracts, these guardians defend all known realities from the greatest dangers imaginable. A.C.’s loyalty and morality are challenged when his new duty as Zatswan pits him against a mysterious young lady who is literally the girl of his dreams, with all existence hanging in the balance.


For some unknown reason, the fourth dimensional tesseracts are existing in the third dimension. Almost nothing is known about the fourth dimension, but there are signs of intelligence from there, like the tesseracts. 4th dimensional beings do not interact with 3D ones in any way the 3D beings can perceive. Traveling to a higher dimension is a much bigger feat than going to a different universe. The Zatswan are able to go from universe to universe by having their tesseracts envelop them and conceal them within contained 3D space. While inside the tesseracts, they momentarily cross into the 4th dimension, and from there, they are able to access different universes. However, while crossing over into the 4th dimension, they can’t perceive much.


While the tesseracts allow their users incredible abilities, the Zatswan and their master, the powerful cosmic being known as Zorb, are not sure if they are using the objects for their intended purpose or not. These mysterious items are sources of unlimited energy, and a weakness of the Zatswan is that they can draw on too much power and burn themselves out.


The Zatswan come in different colors, with some excelling at abilities others don’t, but being weaker in other areas. For instance, yellows are better at certain tasks than reds, but worse at others.


A.C. Cooper and Marlene Ja Lee; the new Dimension Warriors!


A.C. and Marlene’s service sees them defending various realities against the forces of Expulzar, a being of unfathomable power who desires the destruction of all universes. Why? You’ll have to read and find out!