Those who have been keeping track of updates will know that I have been redoing some of the early pages of Multiversal Guardian. I have a few more pages to show today! The following pages are especially interesting because they’re the first glimpse into A.C. Cooper’s weird dreams, which have huge story significance. They also cause me to ruminate on another subject.

This will likely come off as at least a little petulant, but since this is my platform where I can do whatever I please, I’ll go ahead with it. What irks me a bit is an expectation from some that I would be a stupid writer. As if I’m of the regular crop who have been contracted by DC or Marvel Comics in the last fifteen years or so.

For example, there is a character that appears on the second page here, and some readers were stunned to see him followed up on much later in the book at the beginning of Chapter Five. Well, of course I followed up with him! I didn’t write and draw this scene for no reason, after all. There is nothing in this comic that is done for no reason. A regular writer (not even an especially good one) wouldn’t randomly put in scenes and introduce plot points that don’t go anywhere.

What is likely happening is that some readers are so used to reading “Big Two” comics that are poorly written and edited, which often completely disregard recent continuity, constantly change continuity, suddenly shift directions with no warning, have threads that lead nowhere, have stories and characters that don’t get anywhere, and so on, that when they actually encounter a story that simply does what a regular story would do, they get surprised!

On the one hand, I appreciate people feeling that I was especially clever, but on the other hand … I don’t feel I was especially clever here. And I guess the silly thing that sort of annoys me is a thought that I would be as bad as the people at DC or Marvel, or that my comic would work like theirs do. By the way, I don’t mean to sound like I’m envious or have some kind of sour grapes toward DC or Marvel. I legit just don’t think the comics are typically that great over there.

Anyway, I really love how these pages came out. I’ve been improving my watercolor technique and I think it shows in these images. I’m now in a place as an artist where I can totally capture whatever image I have in my head and do it justice. When I first began this project, I clearly was not totally there. That’s why I feel it’s worth it to redo these early pages. I want to do the story justice. It deserves it.


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