Progress is going swimmingly on the final drafts of the early Multiversal Guardian pages. While I don’t think the older versions are terrible, and they certainly have a lot of charm, I want to make sure this book is polished, foolproof, and undeniable, and I’m really pleased with these new versions. Multiversal Guardian will eventually see print, and it needs to be in tip top shape before that.

There is a certain element of surreal nostalgia drawing and painting A.C. Cooper and Marlene Ja Lee’s first meeting again. It makes me think of how far I’ve come doing this project and art in general. It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s very satisfying bringing the book to a higher standard.

The old versions have been/will be overwritten by the new pages in the website’s comic reader, so if you choose to read Multiversal Guardian, you will see the new versions. If not, it is due to your browser’s cache.

I’m also excited to report that planning on the follow up book, Stardust Romantique, is also going very well! I can’t wait to show you that story. I’m confident many things in it will truly surprise you, and you will come away knowing the characters a whole lot better, and loving (or maybe hating(!) them much more.

Please stay alert for more Zatswan content!

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