I’ve been planning to create updated artwork for the site, and I’ve gradually been doing so. It began with a painting for the banner and a character profile piece for A.C. Cooper, which is available here. While on a vacation with my girlfriend, I opted to take a break from my usual work for the comic. I brought along only watercolor pencils and paper, borrowing her fancy fountain pens for inking. This allowed me to focus on crafting more character profile artwork for the site without overpacking my supplies.

Check out this Allecka Xona character profile work that I did while in the hotel room:

Watercolor pencils are highly portable and versatile, allowing easy blending for a variety of colors, negating the need for numerous pencils. Unlike markers, which necessitate many to cover a wide color range, a single watercolor pencil can achieve a broader spectrum through water dilution and pigment variation on paper.

However, watercolor pencils shine best with water, unlike markers which are more or less dry. Consequently, using watercolor pencils to their potential requires pricier paper to endure water application, unlike marker paper. This balance of pros and cons applies to all art mediums, with no ultimate choice. This is why I enjoy using various mediums.

During a hotel stay, a fire alarm malfunction caused my girlfriend and I to have to leave the building and sit outside. I used the opportunity to discuss mainstream Marvel and DC Comics versus her Webtoon preferences.

Her insights can be found in the video below!

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