At last, I finished all the redraws for Chapter 1 of Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian. This is a big accomplishment and I’m very proud of the work I have done. It took time and effort, but I know these revisions have significantly enhanced Zatswan, and I personally feel better about the book in general. Here is the final batch of pages!

I received advice from trusted confidants who suggested that I should continue moving forward, leaving the original artwork untouched and allowing people to witness my artistic progression on their own. I do understand the rationale behind this advice. However, it’s crucial to recognize that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and I’m determined to make Zatswan captivate new readers right from the very beginning. After all, the potential for million-dollar deals could very well hinge on these initial pages.

I wanted to feel good about my work. Zatswan is something I poured a lot of energy and heart into, and I knew I could do much better than the previous draft of artwork. While I’ve mentioned it before, the old art wasn’t dreadful by any means, but I saw numerous avenues for improvement. I wanted to free myself from the constant nagging thoughts about its potential every time I glanced at the first chapter or contemplated it.

I know what some may be thinking. That I’m eventually going to feel that I can do much better than the redone pages. That day may come, but I can objectively assess these pages. With my experience as an artist, I can confidently say that the redone pages already meet a very high standard for comics, and this is unlikely to change even as I continue to improve. So, long story short, the redone pages are definitely here to stay.

Regarding this specific batch, my strong motivation for the redo stems from the fact that these pages provide our initial glimpse of Zodoss, a crucial setting in the Zatswan series. It’s vital to me that this locale leaves a powerful and lasting impression right from the start. Please note that the final page of the chapter is not included here, as it was already redrawn some time ago.

This isn’t the end of the redraws. There are a few pages and panels that I want to work on for chapters 2 and 3, but I want to stress that they really are few. I’m certainly not going to give those chapters a complete visual overhaul. I don’t feel they need that, but there are a few niggling instances that I want to see to.

Even though I still have some work left to do, I felt this accomplishment deserved a celebration, so I treated myself to donuts. A cherry frosted sprinkle, raspberry jelly, and glaze twist!

See you soon, Zatswan fans!

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