I’ve mentioned that some of the art on the website was outdated. Recently, I updated the characters page with new artwork for A.C. Cooper, Allecka Xona, and Marlene Ja Lee.
Check that out HERE!

I finished Marlene’s picture not long ago, so the whole trio now has updated artwork.

This Marlene art was primarily done with ink and watercolor pencil, and I’m happy with the outcome. I’ll be uploading videos to my Youtube channel documenting the process. For now, I’d like to direct your attention to my latest video, where my girlfriend and I stroll through the wilderness and discuss ‘The Dark Truth: Comic Fans Losing Interest in Comics, Flocking to Behind-the-Scenes Drama Instead!’

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Next up, I plan to update the art for the Patreon button and further organize the Patreon page. Stay tuned for those updates!

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