I have completed Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian! And when I say completed, I mean I have really completed it. There are no more redraw pages to do, no more pages to create. This particular volume in the Zatswan saga is finished.

This is the last page of the redrawing phase.

I feel incredibly good about this achievement. It took quite a while, but I remind myself that I’ve acquired new and highly technical skills. I’ve learned how to create a comic from scratch entirely on my own. While there are still areas for me to learn about, such as printing and other housekeeping factors, I’m proud of the new things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had, even though some of them were frustrating.

Working on Zatswan hasn’t always been easy. I did a lot of stumbling along the way. And, of course, creating a comic doesn’t guarantee that a whole bunch of people will magically read or buy it. Persuading people to do that is a whole other ball game. Now that the comic is complete, I’m going to focus more on the marketing and monetization of Zatswan.

I still have to convert Zatswan to the Webtoon vertical scrolling format and start uploading it to that website. It will also be available on Tapas. I’ve been regularly creating content for my YouTube channel and plan to continue with that. Have a look at this video which shows me inking the above page!

I also have other projects up my sleeve. Please stay tuned, as I will be unveiling some very exciting things soon!

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