Hey Zatswan fans! Exciting news – I finished another page redraw, and it’s all about Peerz Zomesty! I’m thrilled with the significant improvement from the previous version.

Zatswan has been on the backburner lately due to holiday festivities, but here’s the scoop: I’m down to the last page in these redraws, and it’s well on its way to completion. Catch a glimpse of my comic process in some of my recent YouTube videos, like this one where my girlfriend and I discuss why Marvel and DC Comics struggle to attract new readers:

Revving up content on my YouTube channel is part of my New Year’s resolution, so expect regular uploads there. I’d like to give a huge thanks to my lovely girlfriend for her tremendous help! I include her for various reasons. She’s comfy on the channel, always eager to assist me, and offers a unique “normie” perspective, which is a rarity in the YouTube superhero comics space.

As mentioned in previous updates, I’m working on letting readers know me better. I was fine with leaving my art to do my speaking, but now I’m enjoying inviting you more into my world.

The channel’s goal is to guide you through our journey of creating Zatswan comics, delving into my creation methods, and exploring the comics world in general. As I intensify my efforts, anticipate glimpses of my process, discussions on tools, and insightful talks about comics. Check out the channel here and hit the subscribe button for updates!

This is an incredibly exciting time for me as I’m almost done with the redrawing phase. I’ll be back soon with the final page and more updates. See you then, Zatswan fans!

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