I’ve completed redraws for more Chapter 3 pages. I focused on specific panels for the revisions rather than redoing the entire pages from scratch.

In terms of artwork, I wasn’t doing justice to Peerz Zomesty (the character in the green suit) in my earlier drawings, so I redid some of his illustrations. As I become more familiar with the characters, unsurprisingly, I improve at drawing them. These pages feature some of Peerz’s earliest appearances, and I hadn’t nailed his visual in my initial versions.

I have two more pages from Chapter 3 on my list for a redo, and that’s it! The next update will be the completion of this entire phase of redrawing, and I’m genuinely excited about that. As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, this has been a long and meticulous process. However, I believe it has significantly enhanced the comic, and I’m proud of my persistence in sticking to this task. Actually, these sentiments extend to the entire Zatswan project. I set a meaningful goal for myself, and despite the difficulties, duration, or any obstacles encountered, I passionately remained committed and saw it through.

I don’t mind acknowledging my efforts with Zatswan. I see what I’ve done with this comic project as a remarkable achievement, especially considering my limited prior knowledge of creating comics. When you’re working on projects like this, you often receive minimal acknowledgment or appreciation for all you put in. I’ve learned that it’s crucial to be kind to yourself and celebrate your victories and accomplishments.

Zatswan is in battle with a Battlia Super-6, an Ataraxian military vehicle, in the above scene. I take action scenes very seriously, and fortunately, I believe I have a knack for staging them. I approach various action scenes with different philosophies and approaches. To keep Multiversal Guardian fresh, I’ve aimed to keep readers on their toes by mixing up these paradigms.

In Chapter 2, the action scene is a large-scale military conflict, what I call a “field battle” action scene.
In Chapter 3, it’s a “dilemma” action scene where defeating the enemy involves solving a puzzle and exploiting a hidden weakness.
Chapter 4 features a “philosophy” action scene where character worldviews are expressed and play a significant role alongside the action.
Moving to Chapter 6, it’s a “weakness” action scene, focusing on the hero dealing with his own vulnerabilities.

I have more paradigms lined up for action within book 2 of the Zatswan saga, Stardust Romantique! Make sure you don’t miss any future updates because the brand-new Zatswan book is right around the corner!

In other news, I share my thoughts on why I haven’t been reading the DC comic Green Lantern: War Journal in a new YouTube video.

This might surprise some, considering my past as a big Green Lantern fan, especially of John Stewart, the star of War Journal. Take a look at the video above, and if you enjoy the content, please like it, subscribe, share, and stay tuned for more!

I’ll talk to you soon, Zatswan fans.

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